Why, yes! This is a blog where I will be throwing up all of my miscellaneous drawings and arts in general. A brief disclaimer: Some content may be NSF because I do a lot of model drawing so please use discretion when viewing!

A steak and cheesecake restaurant style set of food! 

It’s tough when you don’t really get any views on your work. Yes indeed I do enjoy MAKING my art, quite a lot in fact, but it’s still NICE when other people see my work and say maybe even feel like liking it. 

It takes me a respectable amount of time to make this stuff… It’s a bit dis-heartening when I work for nine-ish hours on a painting and then only four people see it or like it… 


Studio trigger Kill la Kill production layouts.


Top 5 - Disney scenery → 2. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

(Source: sleepy-cinderelly)

Another fan illustration for the story my friend is writing! I’m quite pleased with the way this one turned out! 

[This was about 9 hours in photoshop]

My collection of Eldrich literature. 


i want to nap but i also want to eat

is this what college is gonna be like

The feeling of both…at the same time… yes, this is college! X3 

Three minutes worth of a skeleton… I may improve this later but tonight I don’t feel like it. 

My friend is writing an absolutely AMAZING story and I decided to draw one of the characters!  I like him a lot, needless to say. 

[Digital painting- Photoshop. 

Working time- 6.5 hours.

11 X 8.5  Inch canvas] 

Digital study of the sculpture of a mouth.