Why, yes! This is a blog where I will be throwing up all of my miscellaneous drawings and arts in general. A brief disclaimer: Some content may be NSF because I do a lot of model drawing so please use discretion when viewing!

Early concept work for a character design I’m working on. 

The skeleton is my favorite part.

Anonymous: you are amazing

Oh my gosh! My first ever anon!!! AAAAHHH!  Thank you!!! 8D YOU’RE AMAZING TOO!!! 


Added the inbetweens and a few adjusted frames and here it is! The finished scared walk animation for my animation class! 


Kawaii Alien Barf! 

Ridley Scott would have a conniption if he saw me do this to his alien!  

A painting of a fish I made for a digital painting class. I think it turned out well! 


The early steps of a walk cycle I’m working on! 

My second ever Flash animation! This time I turned my boring old bouncing ball into a sugar glider! They’re so darn cute! 

The beginning of an art piece I want to finish soon! More character designs to come! 

My first delicate foray into the world of flash animation! 

A mix of 1-5 minute gesture drawings. 

[Conte on newsprint paper]